REDDIT! I baked you a cake!! :D

REDDIT! I baked you a cake!! :D

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bigsim 58 58 0

Uh oh, looks like someone fed the reddit alien after midnight...

Smeeee 22 22 0

Seriously though, when does "after midnight" end? This question bothered me my entire childhood. Is it ever safe?

bigo0723 5 5 0

Well you feed it one day, and that's it.

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It's just Good Etiquette!
betweenthebars24 240 240 0

Unless it's your parents...they knew what they were getting in to.

StopReadingMyUser 41 41 0

I will absolutely destroy food from family...

I have a feeling I'll be fat in a few years


I didn't even have to try my mom did it for me. If I wasn't eating a full plate and maybe a second one she would question me if I was sick.

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[Spoiler] Cloud 9 vs Team SoloMid / NA LCS Final / Post-Match Discussion
ThatWonAsianGuy 400 400 0

OddOne threatening to permanently wear the riven costume pushed TSM over the edge.

Well played TheOddOne.

Dyrus 576 576 0

I didn't know

skyrimsbetterdenMW3 17 17 0

It's for the better

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Comcast Forced Fees by Reducing Netflix to
SoylentGrime 72 72 0

It's not as complicated as people make it out to be. It's like if amazon owned fed-ex, ups, and the USPS and Netflix is buy.com. It's a monopoly of home internet services and they are using that monopoly to attempt to form a monopoly in other markets. Simple as that.

navi_jackson 18 18 0

The consumers are going to lose big time if this monopolistic trend continues to grow. Even if Netflix can find a way to dodge the fees, Comcast will likely find some other way to pass fees onto consumers in some other way.

happyclowncandyman 2 2 0

If only they were masters of subtlety. Fortunately these kind of tactics are see-through and wont grant them the (extra) success they're anticipating.

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Arsenal sign Danny Welbeck

Arsenal sign Danny Welbeck

1335 pts 4 hours ago soccer
concretebollard 385 385 0


9jack9 115 115 0

By a mile this time!

gotsickfromweed 80 80 0

If welbeck gets the goal to push us into 4th ahead of man u I will have 'dat guy' tatooed on my cock

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Learned this the hard way last week
SCUM03 25 25 0

Life lesson learned the hard way, your employer doesn't give a fuck about you; if it's the interest of the company or you, you lose.

StaninCP 17 17 0

Always remember that an H.R. employees paycheck is signed by the company. I learnt that the hard way too.

Actuarial 4 4 0

Via rigorous upper level classes at a top-tier business school?

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If this post gets 2000 upleaks, circlejerk will turn into a plumbing themed subreddit
tree_boy 24 24 0

Mario was a plumber by trade.

Mario was constantly raiding castles.

The crusades featured castle raiding.

Plumbing theme = Bullshit Christian pandering.

DAE Atheism is better than JDaw nudes!?

ThreeCranes 5 5 0


peentugger 2 2 0

edit: btw girls are crows lol

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[Spoilers] One thing all my NA brethren can agree on about these LCS playoffs.
WE-Draz 201 201 0


MacadamianutCrookie 1 1 0

He ulted during champ select

Tryndameereeeeee 1 1 0


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