My 4 year old daughter's homemade xenomorph Halloween costume =)
Cynichronicity 30 30 0

Replacing her blood with acid must have been horrifically painful.

Mike9797 12 12 0

There's actually a generic brand kit at the local drug store

irawwwr 1 1 0

but think about the karma

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Someone took the time to stack these two post-it-note stacks together
Hoppingmadd 49 49 0


Follow up photo. I didn't do this, just found it like this in my study room. Have a good one everyone :)

thorinoakenbutt 27 27 0

Ah. Study room. This makes sense now. I'd do this too if my options were this and studying.

Coofgo 7 7 0

humans are actually pretty crafty creatures when it comes to avoiding doing work

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Don't play Shaco today.
Echosniper 223 223 0

This story is fake.

How the fuck would Nasus beat a Riven.

Boukish 17 17 0

Under Riven's tower, no less.

Zixxa 12 12 0

Bronze 7

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TIL guards at New Mexico State Penitentiary had a
Greyfells 43 43 0

"During an edition of BBC's Timewatch program, an eyewitness described the carnage in cell block 4. They saw an inmate held up in front of a window; he was being tortured by using a blow torch on his face. They then started using the torch on his eyes, and then the inmate's head exploded. Another described the scene when he came across Mario Urioste, originally jailed for shoplifting, but was incarcerated in cell block 4 for his own protection after he had been apparently gang-raped by other inmates. Urioste was found hanged with his throat cut, with his dismembered genitals stuffed into his mouth."

I'm utterly disgusted that the officers who allowed this to happen weren't charged. Part of the social contract that prisons and their personnel undertake when is that in cooping a bunch of dangerous people together, they'll also protect them from one another.

Facade949 29 29 0

"Dangerous". For the crime of shoplifting, this man was violently raped to death.

A_Loki_In_Your_Mind 7 7 0

Humanity is fucked. We don't deserve a future.

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MRW I hear that APPLE CEO Tim Cook is gay !

There were a lot of things you could have picked for this gif, basically anything in the world. You chose well.

cholozard 40 40 0

I agree, what better way to show support than with a Denzel Washington gif?

DonBiggles 29 29 0

Hey, don't you be hating on ma boy Samuel L. Jackson here.

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Forever my favorite commercial

Forever my favorite commercial

1439 pts 8 hours ago funny
hurdur1 27 27 0

I wish they actually sold mini-giraffes. I would buy one.

No, make it two.

McSquintalot 13 13 0
T_J_ 5 5 0

That's a giraffe Who drinks daily and has a bad liver.

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Carmelo Anthony's clutch shot over Lebron James.
SmallUnicorn 180 180 0

Carmelo "not a top 10 player" Anthony

findingthekobeh0mer 76 76 0

LeBron played he was the 40th Best player in the league tonight

ZincHead 54 54 0

I wouldn't even put him in the top 100 if I just based on this game alone.

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[Post Game] New York Knicks defeat Cleveland Cavaliers, 95-90
BeezInTheTrap 1769 1769 0

Lose by 30 in your home opener, beat the most hyped up team of the year in theirs


whogivesashaat 418 418 0

keepin' it weird

soedmaelk 279 279 0

JR with 7 assists, keepin' it weird indeed!

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