Postgame Thread (and locker room video): Denver Nuggets defeat the New Orleans Pelicans 117-97. Brought to you by The Showstopper and The Italian Stallion!
KingWhoBoreTheSword 89 89 0

Wow the Nuggets are really shaking off their rust. I forgot they were a playoff team when healthy.

TyLawson3 215 215 0

don't sleep!

33bour 38 38 0

But I'm getting tired!

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Math for grownups

Math for grownups

1670 pts 5 hours ago funny
raymond8505 42 42 0

If youre doing it every day or so, 1 hour gym is actually good fitness

Chances 9 9 0

You seriously only need to go 3 times a week for an hour to be fit

smellslikeair 5 5 0

well, that and pay attention to what you eat and also maybe not take the car everywhere you go.

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when kanye 69's with kim

when kanye 69's with kim

2858 pts 6 hours ago funny
StabbyJane 38 38 0
iplayrogues 4 4 0

Thank you


this is hotter than kim K's pic

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I've been chatting with a cute 14 year old girl...
reg8392748 14 14 0

" I told her I was 21 but I am really 12, I don't think she can tell."

ShouldBeAnUpvoteGif 6 6 0

Rule 14 has been removed?

Devilishlygood98 3 3 0

It broke the rules somehow, probably because its a 4chan post

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I came home from Uni for the weekend, my little sister had baked me a cake <3
SpencoJFrog 9 9 0

That's a cake alright!

NameBran 3 3 0

Is it? I thought it was a zucchini, thanks for clearing that up!

-1fucksgiven 1 1 0

can confirm, source: i eat cake

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A boy entered the store and made a decision that turned him into a man
roachs18 22 22 0

A true Trojan's sword never leaves his side.

Davidhaslhof 14 14 0

A true Trojan always sheathes his sword


A warrior's sword doesn't return to it's sheath until it draws blood

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Life hacks (x-post r/funny)

Life hacks (x-post r/funny)

1471 pts 7 hours ago facepalm
cubman2000 15 15 0

It's not a bad idea if you're sharing.

random_acts_of_rape 32 32 0

Ha! Sharing...

Araeis55 1 1 0

Normally I'd agree with this statement... But breakups happen, and everybody likes ice cream after those.

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You're not convincing me that I didn't get day drunk with George Clooney
NickyDeeBag 84 84 0

That's not Clooney.... But goddammit that looks like Clooney.

KStreetFighter2 12 12 0

looks like old Joe Rogan with shaggy hair to me

BenAfleckIsAnOkActor 5 5 0

Looks Chris Christie sans 150 El bees

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