Roomba, the NOPE of dog world

Roomba, the NOPE of dog world

4123 pts 3 hours ago funny
AWildSketchAppeared 322 322 0
WalkerFLRanger 87 87 0
TablespoonOfAnger 8 8 0

I wonder what it would be like having your entire town covered in shit.

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The frost exposed previously unseen spider webs
ani625 13 13 0
XuruAnoa 6 6 0

Das cool

AlienHook 2 2 0

It looks so much like a hand when it retracts.

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now i look camels in different way.
timmykeepsdying 71 71 0

It's throat is slashed open and gushing blood which is why it attacks, probably needs a NSFL tag.

RandyJackson 16 16 0

Where do you see that?

timmykeepsdying 18 18 0

Uh, in the gif? Here's a video if you still need proof

Edit: (Warning: Gore.)

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Derrick Rose styles on Cleveland.

Derrick Rose styles on Cleveland.

1894 pts 4 hours ago nba
Bext 133 133 0

Cmon Kyrie... what're you doing?

rengorengar 71 71 0

klove and kyrie defending on the same side of the court, disaster bound to happen

Clcsed 50 50 0


Rose hasn't even begun the crossover yet and Kyrie is facing the wrong direction. He literally sits there for a second in disbelief at how bad these two are at guarding.

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I'm watching you

I'm watching you

1185 pts 4 hours ago creepy
greggerypeccary 58 58 0

BFG9000 on that bitch.

catch22milo 24 24 0

I remember when we figured out as kids it stood for big fucking gun we were so impressed with ourselves.

Word-slinger 11 11 0

I can't see any way for this thing to hurt me, and if I just use a baseball bat I might get candy.

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After a year on Reddit, I think I've finally figured this whole thing out...
Beardcore1982 9 9 0
dickbroom 37 37 0

Fuck it. Have an upvote.

Gumbowls 17 17 0

Thank you, dickbroom!

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No One is Talking about the Biggest Change Between Seasons 1 and 4
GazimoEnthra 560 560 0

He just got his splash art updated, just like so many other champs!

GottlobFrege 103 103 0

I bought the Joe "Joe Miller" Miller skin and I feel like I got ripped off. It's the same damn skin.

BrazilianDonger 55 55 0

yeah i just bought the skin Joe "Dont call me Joe "Joe Miller" Miller"Miller and its definetly not worth 975 RP

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I saw a girl at my university drawing a few champs
ihatereddit42 365 365 0

I might have nightmares about the Draven ...

Jkerri 148 148 0

Why? What's wrong with the Dra..... OH DEAR GOD!

Sedarious 63 63 0

It looks like Mulan with really good make-up and new weapons.

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