TIL Tiger Woods, despite being worth $500 million dollars, once pulled a
Hogan524 23 23 0

Which tip did he give her earlier?

ClearArmor 5 5 0

Why not the whole thing?

witchling_22 110 110 0

More proof that he's an upstanding guy...

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TIL When Kim Peek managed payrolls of 160 people, he was able to complete this task in just hours without a calculator and when he was fired to be replaced by computer, it took two full time accountants plus the computer just to replace him.
braff_travolta 81 81 0

But he couldn't tie his own shoes and had to have his dad take care of him, full-time, his entire life.

He was basically borrowing intelligence from other parts of his brain.

straydog1980 26 26 0

So it took two people to do his job. Averages out really. They should have paid him more.

Terence_McKenna 17 17 0

...plus the computer... a goddamn computer.

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The box wasn't empty

The box wasn't empty

5039 pts 5 hours ago pics
bmacmachine 352 352 0

Dippin' Cats: the felines of the future ™

SensibleMadness 59 59 0

You'll relentlessly nag your parents until they finally buy you some, then immediately regret it!

WalkerFLRanger 54 54 0
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99% of the time after I make a hilarious comment on Reddit
ZPTs 20 20 0

Carrion, folks.

Kirkeade 1 1 0

He's at the beak of his career

rannie_pophe 0 0 0

Then make it join the next big reality show for birds. It could be the next game star.

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When I was in highschool attending a class...
JakJakAttacks 17 17 0

Do you like me? Circle one.



no :(

Kaden369 6 6 0

It always comes back with another option 'maybe' added and circled.

ignorant_sophist 4 4 0

Fuck that.

When I got mine back, 'me' was crossed out and replaced with 'Alex'.

'Yes' was circled, but who the fuck is Alex?!

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Saw this in my newsfeed, good guy domino's.
Army0fMe 4320 4320 0

As a former Dominoes delivery driver, not a fucking chance in hell.

tjtoml 2003 2003 0

Former dominos driver here as well. The comment text cuts off after about 20 or 25 characters. Also, not a chance in HELL I'm just gonna walk into a deliveries house. People get shot behind that shit.

edit: A few people (like 1/100 deliveries) will invite you into their house, I guess because it's polite. I don't even do that, it makes me uncomfortable. I usually begged off by saying my shoes were gross and I didn't want to track it into their house.

Also, imagine that you got a "just come in" and the customer typed in the wrong address. Or you fuck up and go one house over. Or some punk ass kid sent you to the crazy Vietnam Vet's house. Bottom line: NOT NO WAY NOT NO HOW

ClassicGoth 538 538 0

We have a regular who demands that we walk in so he doesn't have to get up.

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I like my smoke spot.

I like my smoke spot.

1403 pts 6 hours ago trees
irish_toys 104 104 0

That.... That looks cozy as all fuck.

bcfolz 25 25 0

that's instantly what i though when i saw this, holy shit i just wanna sink into that couch

TCOHdrummer 8 8 0

I'm pretty sure that's the most inviting couch I've ever seen.

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Found this in the $5 cd basket at Walmart
afambelafonte 23 23 0

"Eyes of a Child That are Disturbingly Far Apart."

pm-me-a-story 14 14 0

In case you want to listen to the album, here's a link

Paz En Mi Corazon is particularly great

ermahlerd 5 5 0


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