Am I doing this right?

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Am I doing this right?


rehpotsirhc123 47 56 9

Seems like a good way to get the exact desired amount of crunchberries in your cap'n crunch.

picnicface 18 19 1

I wish they did the same thing with Luck Charms.

Oxxide 57 63 6

2014: Oops! All Marshmellows is introduced to the cereal market.

2015: Insulin shortages

rehpotsirhc123 12 12 0

You can buy bulk cereal marshmallows on Amazon

ckach 6 6 0

Goodbye health.

ginsunuva 2 2 0

"Customers who bought this also bought: Insulin 24 pack."

rehpotsirhc123 1 1 0

dat 'beetus

LinearSimcon 17 19 2

As a non-american there is clearly something I'm not getting about this...

sassybusdriver 14 14 0

They have a product where they are combined. It's called "Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries."

(Left) Cap'n Crunch was created first, Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries after that, and people liked the "berries" so much that they made (Right) Oops! All Berries. (Click for timeline.)

LinearSimcon 14 14 0

It all makes sense now... OP is obviously a true rebel (although it seems to be one way of getting just the right amount of each...).

Omegamanthethird 5 5 0

Isn't that what anarchy is all about anyways?

autowikibot 2 3 1

Cap'n Crunch:

Cap'n Crunch is a product line of sweetened corn and oat breakfast cereals introduced in 1963 and manufactured by Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo since 2001.

Image i - Cap'n Crunch cereal box, featuring the Cap'n Crunch character.

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zoomerpsu 15 16 1

What's the joke about eating Cap'n Crunch and the roof of your mouth?

LiiDo 25 26 1

Cap'n crunch can slice open the roof of your mouth.

That one?

Toruald 14 15 1

I eat a ton of Captain Crunch, this is not a joke, that shit is serious!

TacoJuans 20 20 0

I like to think of Captain Crunch as the chewing tobacco of the cereal world, it cuts open your mouth so the flavors can get in.

Jezzikuh 1 2 1

Do you need an intervention?

hidefsarge 4 4 0

total lies

I have been eating the Cap'n's great cereal for years and my mouth does not get cut open. Y'all just got bitch mouths.

usmcawp 1 1 0

That's no joke. That is a real first world problem right there.

doctormorbis 9 9 0

You have to try it with Peanut Butter Crunch! Tastes like PB&J. Delicious.

SomeCasualObserver 5 5 0

No! Peanut Butter crunch is the perfect cereal, you can't add things to it!

MyL1ttlePwnys 6 6 0

Coco puffs go with PB Crunch...duh.

JDubStep 2 2 0

Sweet Jesus.

MyL1ttlePwnys 1 1 0
SomeCasualObserver 1 1 0

While I've never cared for coco puffs I'll concede that they might go good with PBC.

brokenfury8585 3 3 0

you inhuman monster

Roxarion 2 2 0

Anarchist...Peanut Butter Captain Crunch is best Captain Crunch. You consuming anything else is against my belief and i take offense and will demand from the government that you change in accordance with my opinions.

hateradeizbad 2 4 2


Forty-Three 1 1 0

I think you just made your own Crunch Berries but with more berries

HypotheticalMadman 1 1 0

Who in the fuck would want the ones on the left?

buddhabro 1 1 0


inconspicuous_male 1 1 0

You fixed his mistake!

dafragsta 1 1 0

This isn't anarchy. This is just delicious.

pastacelli 1 1 0

reminds me I need to go get capn crunch I guess

rman18 1 1 0

Anarchy would be to use skim milk.

elguapo1991 1 1 0

I actually hate crunch berries. As a kid, I would painstakingly pick them out of my bowl until I had only plain Cap'n Cruch left.

sir_mrej 1 1 0

Cereal IN the bowl? He doesn't get it.

GreatP3nguin 1 1 0

You are doing it right for this subreddit.

MyL1ttlePwnys 1 1 0

I do not take orders from Commander Crunch...The rank insignia on his arm clearly shows him to not be a Captain.

What a fraud...

clayton7m 1 1 0

Youve got to eat with with water instead of milk.

EmperorSexy 1 1 0

Whoa man slow down that's like 80% berries

LocalCDrive 0 1 1

This is the first time I have thought 'YOU BASTARD!' when viewing something on this subreddit.

ph00p 0 1 1

Yup you've got your first class ticket to diabetes land right there, don't worry about the leg room.

shinobi1992 0 1 1

You definitely repost right!