Ellen and Jennfer Lawrence on crashing Twitter.

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Ellen and Jennfer Lawrence on crashing Twitter.


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Ellen wants to see it just as much as we do.

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djzenmastak 595 819 224

why is she with hillary clinton?

reh888 718 920 202

This is the nicest thing I've heard anyone ever say about Hillary Clinton's appearance

AFireInAsa 276 379 103
askinnydude 270 322 52

Yeah, I mean she is 66 years old.

Tfish 222 270 48

And she doesn't look a day over 65.

crash__bandicoot 414 478 64

She looks a couple days over 65.

Politics will do that to ya. Just look at Dick Cheney. He looks like a foot.

droivod 108 125 17

Even though he is an ass.

Freak of nature: Ass named Dick looks like foot.

HurbleBurble 8 12 4

He's a foot named dick who looks like ass?

MsMisery 117 148 31

That is the best description I have ever heard of him. Wonderful.

Millard_Trillmore 22 22 0

Watch what you say, he's shot people for less.

K5izzle 12 12 0

Dick Cheney looks great for 73.....looks like shit for 53, but great for 73...

JesusPimpHand 35 43 8

Just spent a few minutes making a screechy, wheezing noise that might have sounded like laughter, had my diaphragm not been spasming from this. Thank you.

Juggale 24 26 2

I laughed the same way, I opened this to calm me. http://i.imgur.com/Y3GOoqT.jpg

openmindedskeptic 3 5 2

Oh my god me too. I didn't know I could make those noises before. Best comment of the day.

coiledheadgear 4 4 0

That was my favorite comment. Thankyou.

Haiku_Description 3 3 0

Don't you say that about feet.

SabineLavine 2 3 1

Him and Sarah Jessica Parker (according to Peter Griffin)

Shadax 1 1 0

I knew I had heard that before somewhere.

GhostSongX4 5 6 1

To be fair, politics ages you immensely. It's like Darth Sidious in the prequels the second he starts shooting lightning out of his fingers. It just makes you wither and die.

So considering that, she's fucking gorgeous.

47Ronin 40 44 4

Exactly, you think Bill Jeff in his prime would have thrown a ring on someone ugly?

All_night 23 32 9

He shoved a cigar in someone ugly..

Touch_Of_Red 12 15 3

The man didn't exactly have the luxury of going out to a bar to try to pick someone up.

Who_Wants_Tacos 4 4 0

He's the president! He should have people that do that FOR him!

Dirt_McGirt_ 32 40 8

Yeah, but I'll bet she sucked a mean dick. Those chubby girls often do. The Starr report also mentioned "oral-anal contact".

TripseyHussle 15 16 1

Well.. Well, ok then.

wtf-m8 4 5 1

During her testimony, Lewinsky also made sure that "but absolutely no anal-oral contact" was on the record.

Suzy_Sweetheart 2 2 0

Its all politics baby, even marriage! Compare FDR's wife with his mistress

ProBrown 18 26 8

She still is, relative to her age. And that power. Mm, that power.

juicyspace 9 12 3

9/10 would bang.

Deaf_Mans_Radio 6 8 2

I too am moist

SlothyTheSloth 3 4 1

A male politician has to do something ridiculous before we talk about their appearance (Like appear in a fitness magazine showing off their abs). A female politician just has to do her job and we start talking about it.

FartPornjpg 181 230 49
pieface42 80 104 24

Serious question. Are they still married? I saw something on a magazine about a divorce and there faces were on it, but it was probably a trick.

Edit:wow I really set myself up for these arrested references

the_blackfish 211 260 49

Tricks are what whores do.

OfTheHive 88 105 17

For money

EZPlayer123 54 72 18

Or candy

bam2403 5 5 0
drak0 4 4 0

Or Cocaine


hecktate5 12 26 14

Or food

the_blackfish 16 21 5

I think we all can agree that hopefully whoring is a sometimes occupation, like cookies are a sometimes food.

Heff228 15 16 1


uttermybiscuit 7 9 2

for cocaine

SpaghettiSauced 36 51 15

It's an illusion; a trick is something a whore does for money.

TheOneTonWanton 11 13 2

Or something Tony Hawk does for money.

whatwereyouthinking 5 6 1

tricks are for kids.

ThePostItNote 18 21 3

They're still married. Their twitter feeds are too hilarious to allow a divorce to happen. My favorite was when Ellen got stuck in a cabinet cuz she was trying to scare her wife, but then it turned out her wife was waiting in the closet or something.

mongreloid 21 23 2

So when did she come out of the closet?

guttRbunny 8 8 0

Divorce cuz of Katy Perry's boobs. Portia was just pretending to think it was funny, but when they got home......

Touch_Of_Red 7 8 1

Those tabloids, man, I saw one, one time, that said, "The next week, the world is ending." And in the next week's paper, they said, "We were miraculously saved at the zero hour by a koala-fish mutant bird." Crazy shit.

MattAdams53 18 37 19
darksugarrose 5 16 11


Edit: This was a response to someone saying basically "yes, they're divorcing", that's why I said no.

DrWhiskers 5 6 1

Your source says yes, they are still married.

I_AM_Achilles 5 5 0

Ellen was on Jimmy Kimmel's show recently talking about the rumor. Apparently they are still happily married and she was pretty lighthearted about the whole thing.

Threemor 2 10 8

What? This is a total bullshit source. It has nothing to do with their marriage. It's talking about how Portia hadn't seen Ellen's opening act for Oscars before the actual show.

nikezoom6 4 5 1

Portia de Rossi wowed in a Naeem Khan dress on the Oscar red carpet, which she navigated without wife Ellen DeGeneres, of course.

JANichols89 4 6 2

It's the tabloids. I see a new sensationalist cover page every time I checkout at the grocery store and they're never true when I google them at home.

Nateosis 8 15 7

Wow, that Ellen is one lucky guy.

reefer-madness 4 5 1

Rayna Hay has mad beef with Ellen yo'

rmikelyons 6 9 3

porta de rossi from arrested development, her wife.

While I know her from Arrested Development, I still think of her as from Ally McBeal.

akallyria 13 14 1

She was also awesome in Better Off Ted. I miss that show.

bubblesqueak 4 4 0

"Deal with it!"

ranhalt 2 4 2

Portia. And, c'mon, she's from Ally McBeal.

signaljunkie 3 3 0

That's David Bowie.

gmfreak1991 4 11 7

holy shit that made me laugh so hard

SmooveTaste 11 15 4

Damn, Ellen D. is so gay.

Ulyssues 7 8 1

Hey, she already has the D, why would she need more?

niggasay 12 18 6

Is it ok if I fapped to this

j3rmz 13 19 6

We would be concerned if you didn't.

bedroomwindow_cougar 18 40 22

if I do that I get put in Jail.

Victor_Zsasz 30 33 3

The solution is to be famous, rich, and good looking.


And also don't be a nobody, poor and ugly.

Victor_Zsasz 4 5 1

Also yes

EazyCheez 1 1 0

and a female

Muffinman830 5 7 2

Thought for sure that link was going to be her tits.

jrc101188 34 43 9

And we are still waiting...

emdeema 6 7 1

JL... pls...

RarelyReadReplies 9 11 2

I hate how most of them wait until they're past their prime; we want to see your boobs while you're at your peak damnit!

umm_umm_ 23 43 20

Not as much as we do..I guarantee it..

Where the fuck is the last panel??

Iamgoingtooffendyou 1 2 1

You go girl!

NessLeonhart 294 370 76

FTL - video

also, lol @ glenn close in the background, awkwardly closely her mouth while jennifer lawrence reaches for her tit.

killgore9998 54 77 23

Benedict Cumberbatch - "I'm trapped by a massive fairy"

Ellen - "Don't act like it's the first time"

Lost it. Gotta give her credit, always ready with a line.

spacemanoncrack 12 20 8

I guess people forgot she was a comedian, like even if she wasnt the best one or had the most interesting standup she did do it well enough to climb the ladder.

Mirthras 5 9 4

The thing I always liked about Ellen is her ability to make something boring and mundane, funny. Plus she has a real talent for a dead pan delivery.

WeeBabySeamus 98 140 42

Seriously, why do we have these random imgur things when we could have that video. Way better

nimietyword 189 255 66
  1. youtube slow high bandwith
  2. youtube shutdown for certain markets unreliable
  3. people like no sound
  4. easier to read in image from can read at own pace, rewind foawrd
  5. image faster to understand than video
Ziazan 41 54 13

but you have to remember the exception to the ruleset: boobs are better in video.

Officer_Hotpants 6 8 2

However, gif format allows the user to easily repeat the viewing experience in a more convenient manner

Leowulf 8 12 4

As of right now, 2 people clearly don't understand the magic of bouncy bounce.

kentonj 25 27 2

If only there was some sort of format that played an image like a looping video.

Dirt_McGirt_ 2 2 0

And more importantly, YouTube is blocked in many offices.

teamdeadpool 2 2 0

It's not meant to be extensive, plus it gives /u/NessLeonhart a fair chance to get his fair share of karma duckets.

jean_underpants 1 1 0

Deaf people.

jo3ly 47 68 21

"Hi!... Wait was it me that you said that to?" - Oh Jennifer Lawrence <3

FreeDirt 52 59 7

Everyone should watch it from the beginning, that part with Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome!

"I...I'm trapped by a massive fairy...uh..."

"Oh, don't act like it's the first time."

mark_ryan2 18 20 2

Jennifer Lawrence's laugh sounds just like Seth Rogen's.

stipulus 7 12 5

I keep watching that video to see ellen's face but I get distracted every time

scribacious 3 3 0

Thanks for posting the video. The night of, I missed the first half before remembering that it was on. So seeing part of Lupita Nyong'o's acceptance speech made me burst into tears.

Keyser_Sozay 239 308 69

oh how i wish there was a 7th photo

JGfromKC 296 374 78
Joe22c 148 194 46
FlaminNarwhal 54 66 12
AyekerambA 37 49 12
AggroBomb60 3 6 3

... that wasn't what I expected.

nissanator 172 233 61

That would have killed reddit for sure

Thehaff 322 449 127

I love to see celebs acting normally, making normal people jokes. I guess it's difficult to tell what it's like in that world unless you've ever actually been famous.

Philbo_Baggins 217 257 40

It's like they are made out of the same stuff as us!

upupvote2 190 218 28

Star dust?

Philbo_Baggins 90 105 15

Fuck yeah.


Science, bitch

angrydeuce 35 43 8

From Billions and Billions of stars!

RaggedAngel 10 10 0

I will always hear his voice when I read this phrase.

laurelwraith 4 4 0

And radioactive decay, but that one doesn't seem as popular with the ladies.

ejolson 19 21 2

Except our boobs couldn't take down the internet. Well, at least not in a good way.

Philbo_Baggins 11 16 5

I'll pm you my jugs if you pm me yours... Then we can decide.

gothic_potato 5 6 1

I feel like /u/PM-me-your-tits-pls needs to get in on this.

2A_is_the_best_A 58 66 8

How is joking about how your mighty boob could smite the entire Internet a normal person activity?

robothouserock 13 15 2

I think normal girls would love if their boob(s) would crash the internet; they usually get creepy comments instead.

The_Anal_Intruder 35 37 2

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Eyger 10 10 0
CromsDog 29 46 17

Is it weird that I want to see Ellen's?

ArnaudF 153 235 82

No, everybody has a thing. Your's is truck drivers apparently.

EDIT : 1 upvote & I got gold, talking about efficiency... Thank you!

Salt33 14 19 5

We're talking about Ellen here, not Rosie.

CoinStarBudget 22 24 2

weirdest already-purple link ever.

kelustu 5 5 0

Fat Katy Perry?

pork_n_taters 24 47 23

How in the actual hell did you get gold for that comment? You even misused "Your's"! Unless you're one of those people who gilds their own comments... -gasp-

ArnaudF 25 39 14

English no is me first language sorry!

I'm conducting a study on how to get upvotes from shitty comments, it's going well.

And that's my first gilded comment, I don't think it would have taken such a long time if I give myself gold!

But I agree on the part where you don't understand how on earth someone would give me gold for that crap. I must have won the heart of a drunk redditor.

Robbo_100 14 15 1

Or a truck driver.

PsychOutX 4 4 0

Where's that drunk redditor? I need something from him.

pillowpants2 2 2 0

Maybe it was ellen. She appreciates wit.

browwiw 3 3 0

Ellen is a fit woman.

TobyCelery 23 30 7

Well, did he come or what?

JoePsycho 18 25 7

JESUS CHRIST,MAN!!! There's just some things you don't talk about in public!

PussyDoc 7 7 0

No no, Jesus Christ came twice.

askyourmom469 68 97 29

The next frame! Where's the next frame?!

Iancredible56 5 6 1

It's in the ol' spank bank.

bmassa1 18 25 7

I feel miserable and alone when I see these people smiling with all of their money, fame and happiness. The highlight of my day is jerking off to a video of some chick who was later publicly shamed on her campus.

Heiminator 8 10 2

Link to the Video?

bmassa1 20 22 2


Post fap reading on the subject matter. Or you can read it first, if that's your thing. I find a backstory gets me going.

P4yn3 28 37 9

Ellen: Dear diary... JACKPOT!

zombieozz 88 144 56

Is Ellen really famous in America? I remember a TV show from the 90's that she was in, then she just disappeared. All of a sudden she is all over reddit, twitter, and the oscars.

Edit: note to self. Don't ask questions about America... Am I being downvoted by Ellen fans? I don't understand.

lordeddardstark 59 72 13

She's famous in Australia. 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

zombieozz 21 36 15

Ohhhhh! She's Dory!

Morindre 10 12 2

Andddd why did I never make this connection

WisconsnNymphomaniac 66 81 15

She has a pretty popular daytime talk show, it is in the top five most watched daytime shows. She has a popular bit where she scares her guests.


Ratings[edit] The show averages about 4 million viewers per episode, according to daytime television ratings, making it a highly-viewed daytime show.[10] It usually only trails behind Live! with Kelly and Michael, Dr. Phil, The Dr. Oz Show, and Maury in total viewers.

ohmytosh 19 23 4

Wait, Dr. Phil is still on TV?

patrickbowman 3 6 3

I was more surprised at Maury. I remember watching him growing up; wasn't aware he still made new episodes.

LeaferWasTaken 15 17 2

There's a lot of people who need to know who the father is.

mrjimi16 12 13 1

Fucking Dr. Phil.

OrganicCat 7 7 0

If Dr. Phil tripped and fell off the face of the earth, I wouldn't even question the physics of it. I'd just be like, "Yep, there he goes. Too bad about them gravities."

t3ss4 4 5 1

Hah, of course Maury is top five.

stellarforce 12 15 3

She's had a daytime talk show for the last several years that is pretty popular.

InvokingTheAncients 5 6 1

She's also super popular for her stand-up, obviously.

HonestSophist 5 9 4

Long story short, she's just a tremendously fun individual, and I'm pretty sure she gets by on that alone.

sarcastichorse 5 9 4

note to you: don't worry about meaningless votes. I promise you it's not like some reality show where you'll get kicked off the Internet if you don't get enough votes that save you.

If I had to think about it, you're probably being hated by strangers because googling searching her name and reading her wikipedia page would be quicker than typing out a whole comment and waiting for a response to read.

kyle1236 7 8 1

Reddit has spoken. /u/sarcastichorse you have been voted off the internet.

sarcastichorse 2 2 0

Thank fuck, maybe there's a chance I'll get my course work done, now. See you later, fuckers!

DNedry 3 6 3

She is pretty famous. Super funny too, I remember seeing her stand-up comedy for the first time and being super surprised at just how drop dead good she is at it. Yeah, down votes because people like her.

Sgt_Meowmers 2 2 0

She used to be a comedian for a bit, now shes a talk show host and voices things every now and then.

Extertionist 9 10 1

If she did that I would learn how to shut down the internet and flood it with that single picture.

wtfvincewtf 4 6 2

"C'mon titty!"

ohhstuffnfluff 4 4 0

Does anyone else find themselves smiling when they see Ellen Degeneres?

JEdwardSal 31 55 24

Ellen is doing god's work.

goodie2004 3 3 0


PresidentSnow 78 187 109

The celebrity obsession on this site truly is outstanding.

rabble-rouser 102 138 36

As opposed to any other site that has millions of users...

Caedro 6 6 0

which is why they're celebrities...because millions of people give them attention...

Dirt_McGirt_ 39 72 33

The difference is that the users of this site overwhelmingly complain about the vapid celebrity worship among the general public. The celebrities that reddit worships are smarter and funnier than Kim Kardashian, for example, but it's still the same basic shit.

plasmalaser1 18 20 2

But we already saw all of her

keatsandyeats 5 13 8

Ehh. Everyone worships celebrities in spite of themselves. Silly side-effect of our culture. It may be bad, but it's a not particularly noteworthy thing, whether or not Reddit's preferred celebrities are somehow more admirable (?) than the next.

KapayaMaryam 8 9 1

Celebrities have always been worshiped by the common man, because they represent something that we want to attain. Whether it's the fortune, or the fame, or the looks, or whatever.

hoodbitchy 3 5 2

every1 shits on kim k, though. my parents' church pastor made a really unfunny joke at her expense last time i went to service with them, and the cold-mashed-potatoes attendees laughed along appreciatively.

sydstap24 2 2 0

If you listen when they are taking the real picture you can her Jennifer say the same thing about showing a boob and then Channing Tatum is like "Ya! Someone drop a boob! Anyone? I'll drop a boob!" After I watched it again I noticed it and really laughed.

Also Bradley Cooper reallyyyyyyy wanted to take the picture.

IDI-AT 2 2 0

next frame please.

DrizztDoUrdenZ 14 54 40

I can't decide if I'd like to see Ellen's or Jennifer's more.

Seniornosleep 162 193 31

Uh... I can. Pretty easily, too.

theapatheticactivist 59 86 27

Ellen's... Good choice my friend. ;)

Seniornosleep 29 35 6

Ye- Uh, hey, wait a sec-!


Ah, the old reddit didgeridoo

vanderwalls 24 30 6

Link it you lazy bastard.

ohmytosh 4 6 2
Nafkin 47 59 12

Why not both?

DrizztDoUrdenZ 24 28 4

I got nothing. You can have my man card for not thinking of that myself.

lordeddardstark 2 2 0

of Ellen's?

Mav986 3 14 11

sad part is they're probably right.. :(

Wacholez 2 2 0

Right, left, who cares? I'll take either!

Aaronpwillis 2 4 2

This ends one panel too soon.

Will_I_survive_this 3 9 6


SomewhereEh 3 3 0


Chameleon432 3 4 1

Gooble Gobble Gooble Gobble

GarethGore 1 1 0

aw yeah the chick who plays Olivia Pope in Scandal is in the background. I approve

mageta621 1 1 0

Carrie Washington, for future reference

GarethGore 2 2 0

I watched it last night I should remember, but I'm pretty sure I have a mental block when talking about actresses/actors. I remember 1 out of every like 20, even for my favourite shows.

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