That grandpa at the gay wedding? I think I can top that with my grandma.

Doritos_Bag (EST)
That grandpa at the gay wedding? I think I can top that with my grandma.


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Great!!! Now I don't know what the text says!

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You have talent, son.

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Sponsored by Apple.

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But....Now I don't know what the picture was.

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You are so accommodating!

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now upside down

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god that movie was terrible

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I liked it

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hehe me too

loonsun 16 20 4

it just had so many cliches and the whole premise of the movie just seemed stupid

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It sounds interesting to me, and I have one friend who loves it and highly recommends it, but the Rotten Tomatoes score is so incredibly low (28%) that I'm pretty wary of it.


Great stage, terrible acting

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jesus fucking christ you guys

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you are cassing en jesus name. lol im sueing

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why you heff to be mad

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Now if you could fix my dyslexia.

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Funny how much less OP looks like Tobey McGuire when he's right side up.

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That's who it was. I knew he looked like someone.

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Grandpa link?

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I'm guessing this is it

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Yup, that's it.

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God damn it.

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a for effort

IAMA_dragon-AMA 16 29 13

He gets A+ points for trying.

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Do you enjoy burninating peasants?

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Sayeth the Trogdor

IAMA_dragon-AMA 4 5 1

I used to, but then I realized that doing so severely cuts down on my favorite food. Occasionally I set fire to a tree or something if I'm bored.

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What's it like being a dragon?

IAMA_dragon-AMA 3 3 0

It's pretty fun. A couple of the questions I get are repetitive, but my non-reddit life is usually exciting.

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a for affort

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raegirlrae 36 39 3


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She's not the best looking 19 year old mother I've seen.

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Good luck to any black hole explorers

Edit: Just realized this wording may have not been the best for this thread...

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If you Google reddit.switcharoo you can find the end on some webpage showing the original

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Yeah but that defeats the purpose.

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How far will we gooooooooo

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Hold my glasses, I'm going in!

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I found the original, I only went through a few switcharoos before I have up and searchers for the original. I feel ashamed of my cheating.

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Don't be, you would have been clicking links for years.

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Dora explores the cosmos.

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Seriously, they shouldn't be hoarding all the applejuice.

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what happened to his head in panel 6?

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I imagined the Canadians from south South Park

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Oh look, this comment thread again.

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Link to the video

With a Mitch Hedberg-esque introduction to the joke which was fucking hilarious but very subtle in it's delivery.

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This is relevant in more than one way.

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I think it probably has more to do with the fact that a 19 year old is having a baby. If your sister was like 28 married and having an interracial baby and granny still had this reaction then you could say shes a racist.

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Glad there's at least a few other redditors who don't jump to the immediate "racist" conclusion.

Seriously, a baby at 19? At least she's not a minor, but damn, that's still hella young and I doubt she has a stable career and savings built up to properly raise a child. Not to mention most 19 year-olds are not necessarily the most mature of people, ready to raise a child and all...

Edit: As I suspected, a bunch of redditors who had kids in their teens are here to disagree with me.

So you had a kid in your teens and now you own your own multi-billion dollar business and you're married to Ryan Gosling and your kids are now theoretical Astro-physicists with Nobel Prizes at Harvard curing cancer. Great, good for you.

You and your kid are the exception, not the rule. Most teen mothers are not mature emotionally or financially enough to have kids, and are put at a huge disadvantage. Most don't have degrees or a well-paying job at 19. Most teen mothers aren't married to their faithful high school sweetheart who already has an MBA and a stable position on Wall St. And having a kid at 19 makes it much more difficult for the mother/father to successfully get through college and/or land a good job to provide for their new child. Can it be done? Of course, but if you really think it is wise to have children as a teenager, you are lying not only to me, but to yourself.


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Shit, I hadn't even had sex at 19. And not much has changed...

BearOfCavalry 3 3 0

Dude, I'm 23 and I know I'm not about to be able to raise a child. Financially and emotionally I'm simply not there yet. But this is why condoms as the pill are a thing and totally worth the purchase and trouble.

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Who is jumping to conclusions? OP said so himself that his grandma was racist, I would think he would know better than any other person on here. There's not really room for jumping to conclusions...

el0d 29 54 25

OP didn't say shit about his grandpa being racist.

Tolham 11 32 21

Well he kinda did. He took a pic of her being upset and then specifically mentioned the baby is interracial. The implication is there.

why_rob_y 14 20 6

There's also the mention of the grandpa / gay wedding post, pretty much solidifying the fact that the implication here is that grandma is a bigot.

Jukebaum 4 8 4

Pretty sure from the time that granny comes from 19 was already time for the second baby.

YoungFlyMista 15 20 5

I think he would know better than you would if his grandma is racist.

RoboNinjaPirate 2 5 3

If they are 19, Married, and have a decent family income, I wouldn't be that upset.

However, most 19 year olds are not mature enough for that nowadays. A couple generations ago, it would have been much more common.

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My neck does not tilt that way.

Oliverthetower 44 53 9


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before it starts I'm gonna go ahead and interrupt the slew of puns that would normally come after this.

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Your username makes me uncomfortable...

BloodQueef_McOral 14 20 6

My son set up my account. It's named after his favorite pikachu.

Shadax 7 8 1

I knew I heard it somewhere.

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Timbuc 2 3 1

Perks for being on the phone app

SaiHottari 5 9 4

I have autorotate... So the picture will always be sideways...

I could just turn off autorotate... But ain't nobody got time fo' dat shit.

Doritos_Bag 3 31 28

Exactly! Which I probably should've done that because there's a lot of conversation about the text being sideways and having to turn their heads and something about Peter Parker & stuff

SaiHottari 2 3 1

Though I will say I'm confused as to why it's rotated to begin with... Don't most cameras rotate capture orientation automatically to prevent this?

Doritos_Bag 6 114 108

You guys are mean :(

compy1972 69 104 35

If you didn't want mean comments, you should've taken the 10 seconds to go into mspaint and flip the photo 90 degrees. You're the mean one, OP! Trying to crack all our necks!

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BloodQueef_McOral 8 11 3

That requires more than 0.1 seconds of work.

Totally_Full_Of_Shit 3 4 1

Seriously. Open in paint?

BrotherChe 2 2 0

I licked the imgur link while holding my hands above my head -- it accomplished nothing good.

Doritos_Bag 29 80 51

I'm sorry :(

angleeeat 2 3 1

I still love you.

dscream 42 55 13

She looks so mad at you, like she is gunna say "get that fucking camera off me, Doritos_Bag"

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Is the dad there?

bac10us 364 457 93

cricket, cricket....

Fatfrodo 1 22 21

Gha, made my day!

austeregrim 91 143 52

Its probably why grandma was so pissed, not that it was an interracial birth.

psyon 189 234 45

Or simply that she was only 19?

DisneyPrincessVader 7 19 12

The funny thing is that our generation is by far the most prude about pregnancy below a certain age, mainly because we've put more value on getting an education and securing a future beforehand. Half the threads in this post are collectively shitting themselves at the idea of a 19-year-old being pregnant, whereas both of my grandmothers had had two children by that age and were well on their way to a third.

We're getting married later and having kids later than anyone throughout history, and our grandparents were getting it on at sixteen and thinking nothing of it.

sargent610 6 9 3

Then again they didn't have as many opportunities to piss away as we do.

DisneyPrincessVader 2 3 1

Well, you'll see the same basic patterns no matter what generation. But yeah, our quality of life in general has gone up, whether or not we're pissing it away.

sargent610 7 7 0

Well when my grandmother tells me stories about how they had to sell vegetables on the side of the road to make enough money to get some hamburger meat for dinner and how she graduated high school from an internment camp I think shit what am I complaining about I'm able to do so much more and I realize yeap I'm pissing a lot of it away like right now by being on reddit and not sleeping or doing the homework due tomorrow at noon.

DrWhiskers 76 94 18

I figured it was because her grandson was taking unnecessary pictures and acting weird while his sister was giving birth.

dotpkmdot 95 109 14

"God damn my grandson is retarded, he's about to be an uncle and hes taking selfies like a teenage girl"

MechaGodzillaSS 13 15 2

Goddamn, I hope my grandma doesn't judge me so harshly.

Walking_Pneumonia 4 6 2

But... you don't even know if he was there or not.

diabolical-sun 6 14 8

Doubtful. If grandma is racist, grandson and the rest of the family are probably well aware of that. And I'm sure she was pretty vocal about it, too.

draculthemad 14 18 4

On the other hand, she is still there, at the hospital even.

So its better than the whole "pretend they don't exist" some people will do.

Versaeus 5 9 4

Don't just assume people are racist. Her granddaughters just fucked her life up, she has reason to be pissed off.

oceanlifetime 72 141 69
jamiahx 17 44 27

I see what you did there, I feel bad for laughing.

fb95dd7063 3 13 10

you don't feel bad.

KamensPoltergeist 30 77 47

Why feel bad?

You're at home here on stormfront reddit.


Not racist

But #1 with racists

gormster 16 35 19
charlie_gillespie 3 5 2

I don't get it. Can't literally anyone make a reddit or stormfront account, and make posts?

miniflip 7 38 31
AbovemeIsaw 41 53 12

My gramma is not racist! although I did once hear her refer to a broken bottle as a 'nigger knife'

trifectagon 17 26 9

Hey there you little porch monkey

takatori 15 21 6

Is porch monkey racist? I thought it referred to unemployed people who hang out on their porch all day being lazy.

Midgard9 14 17 3

Nope, porch monkey is a lazy black gentleman.

takatori 18 19 1

I did not know that. Thought it referred to any sort of lazy gentleman.

My apologies to those people in my past who thought I was a huge racist.


Midgard9 9 9 0

Yup that's where the "monkey" half comes from.


takatori 8 9 1

I mean, it seems so obvious now...

CalicoJack 2 2 0

You aren't the only person to have thought that:

wiljones 10 10 0

She has every right to be upset. Having a baby at 19 is fucking stupid.

EvilTheMFCat 23 27 4

Looks like grandma doesn't want her picture taken.

Str8M98baller 79 102 23

Perhaps she's angry that your sister is giving birth at age 19...

PenguinPerson 3 29 26

I was about to say since when is giving birth so young an agreeable thing? If I was that grandmother I would be so disappointed.

dizasterkid19 38 55 17

AH! Peter Parker!

Doritos_Bag 29 53 24

Are you saying I look like Peter Parker or she looks like Aunt Mae?

whatthatgame 106 125 19

Shut up and get me more pictures of Spider Man!

hinckley 37 41 4
AbovemeIsaw 6 6 0

What we need is poems! Poems about spider man!

Mastadave2999 5 5 0

Spider-man can But Spider-man won't He's tired of all your Spider-Man jokes Eating flies for dinner And can't fit in his bed (Not that any could with all eight of those legs) But, who's laughing now Why all the sobbin' Tell all your jokes To that little Green Goblin

BdrLen 2 3 1

You need to call /u/Poem_for_your_sprog

acr692 4 5 1

Haha, I thought you look like Peter Parker too. From the good movies.

TheycallmeHollow 2 3 1


hellfer 11 18 7

I would look skeptical too if my sister gave birth to a 19 year old baby

Ah-Liz-bitch 20 29 9

Whether she's making that face because it's an interracial baby or because the mothers age.. She showed up. More than some people would do.

u551 15 22 7

She looks more like shes thinking: "Put that phone away you little fag, this is an important occasion"

labadee 10 15 5
PokePoacher 23 36 13

baby at 19, interracial or not is a bad choice

MissMooch 2 5 3

Could be worse, she could be fourteen.

HOG03 19 24 5

I don't get it. Did his grandma upload the photo?

Minimii_15 36 52 16

It looks like he is holding his a smartphone or some similar device with a camera to take a photograph aimed at himself that is commonly deemed as a "selfie" with himself and his presumably racist grandmother. I would think this particular picture took place during the day of his sister's birth of an interracial baby with a father that was not white, which I would assume is why she appears as if she is displeased with the baby born probably out of wedlock as his sister is only 19 years of age at the time. Then after Doritos_Bag saw that post showing an old man attending a gay marriage that had a look of disgust on his face he thought he had a photograph that would be equal to or greater than that photograph and decided to upload his own photograph of his grumpy looking grandma on the day of his sister's birth of an interracial baby to Reddit to decide who's photograph was better. So I would conclude by saying Doritos_Bag is the young man in the photograph that uploaded the photograph and not his grandma who uploaded the photograph.

I hope that answers your question.

Nowihaveagun2 13 15 2

That was incredibly detailed.

Minimii_15 24 25 1

Thank you. I work hard for the well being of the people of the internet. I believe in a World Wide Web where no single username is left in the dark of confusion with their questions. I have a dream where we can answer questions thoroughly without ridicule from others and completely answer the question being asked. The important little details are what makes the experience whole and those need to be elaborated in order for the well being of the participant to fully understand the picture that is being painted. But sometimes a few poor souls cannot quite grasp the work of art, which is where white knights like myself act as the primer for that picture being painted.

Nowihaveagun2 7 7 0

That was also incredibly detailed.

*edited for woefully inept grammer and spellings.

AbovemeIsaw 5 7 2

Holy shit, I tried to read all that and I got bogged down around the last 3 lines. You should make a novelty account; "A thorough response"

Minimii_15 7 10 3

While I appreciate the gracious feedback for my very thorough responses to the other previous gentlemen, I simply have to say no to your offer to create a novelty account for use in Redditing. Take that bright idea for yourself though I can see clear as Crystal Pepsi being a pretty decent novelty account that would find relevant use in almost any subreddit as it only requires questions being asked by another user. I decline though because those two highly extended more than necessary paragraphs drained my brain energy like a spaghetti strainer. I give props to all other novelty accounts as these gags really do require some well thought out effort. I'd like to conclude my honor by mentioning my inspiration, my mentor, my idol, /u/Gradual_Blackbeard. I miss reading through your comments in /r/AskReddit and hating myself by the conclusion of your novelty responses on your novelty account. /u/Gradual_Blackbeard , you left a great hole in my heart and I hope you return soon.

I hope that answers your questions/suggestions.

Sil369 2 2 0

i had a feeling Minimii_15 is trolling, ie, the first word on each line would spell a phrase or something. nope. not that. then i briefly looked at his comment history and, uh, yeah, this is troll

skwizzle 30 46 16

So how long into the pregnancy did the father take off?

tokerdytoke 6 21 15

Probably right after considering the mother of his child is a white whore.

DragonHarem 1 5 4

Hey, at least her brother is milking karma from it calling out his grandmother as a racist for it. Must have a lot of pride in his family...

mizz_native_x 8 10 2

Tobey McGuire?

Lardzor 7 11 4
takatori 9 15 6

"Hey grandson, take a picture if me making my scowly mean face so I can post it to that funny website you showed me! Today they're all posting pictures of old people being mad!"

"You should be in it too so all the cute girls on the internets can see how cute you are so maybe you can finally get a girlfriend."

JGolden32 9 11 2

My neck is confused.

acehole_thug 13 20 7

You seem way to happy for a 19 year old having a kid

wuziwu 9 10 1

he doesn't know yet give it 2 months he will understand.

jiiNz 3 3 0

Toby Maguires grandma is so mad

PostsWhileDrunk 4 6 2

why are you guys on the wall

KentuckyFriedColonel 5 8 3

I'd be worried too, 19 is really fucking young to have a kid, she's still a kid herself.

RYBOT3000 9 18 9

Once you go black you're a single mother.

But really, we all knew that ghetto trash white girl from high school that thought hooking up with black guys would get her rapstar trophy wife status. Now she's got like 3 kids from 2 different baby daddies.

Jiggajonson 10 16 6

Not for the interracial thing, but I'd imagine she's more upset about the fact that your sister is only 19.

Children of teen mothers bear the greatest burden of teen pregnancy and childbearing, and are at significantly increased risk for a number of economic, social and health problems:

The children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and at low birthweight, raising the probability of infant death, blindness, deafness, chronic respiratory problems, mental retardation, mental illness, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, and hyperactivity.

Children of teen mothers are 50% more likely to repeat a grade, less likely to complete high school and have lower performance on standardized tests than those born to older parents.

The children of teen parents are more likely to live in poverty and suffer higher rates of abuse and neglect than would occur if their mothers delayed childbearing.

The sons of teen mothers are 13% more likely to end up in prison.

The daughters of teen parents are 22% more likely to become teen mothers themselves.

Compared to women of similar socio-economic status who postpone childbearing, teen mothers are more likely to end up on public assistance.

Teen mothers are less likely to complete the education necessary to qualify for a well-paying job— only 41% of mothers who have a child before age 18 ever complete high school. In the past 25 years, the median income for college graduates increased 13%, while the median income for high school dropouts decreased 30%.

Teen mothers are likely to have a second birth which can further inhibit their ability to finish school or keep a job. About one-fourth of teenage mothers have a second child within 24 months of the first birth.3

Nationally, teen childbearing costs taxpayers at least $7 billion each year in direct costs associated with health care, foster care, criminal justice, public assistance and lost tax revenue.4*


Enjoy mocking your grandmother!

Dropkick_Raider 6 19 13

Maybe she's upset that her granddaughter is having a kid AT THE AGE OF 19

NitsujTPU 10 20 10

Just to play devil's advocate, if my grandkid were calling me racist in a selfie that he posted to the internet, he'd be elsewhere in the hospital being treated for a concussion. Sure, your grandmother's views suck, but that's no way to treat a family member.

Ah-Liz-bitch 2 2 0

Maybe your grams suffers from resting bitch face...

end_guy 2 3 1

Where's the dad in this picture?

SLAV33 2 3 1

Maybe she just thinks she is too young to be a great grandmother.

signspam 3 4 1

Everyone get a good neck stretch?

WittiestScreenName 4 5 1

But she's there...

SimmeP 5 13 8

I think the fact she got pregnant and gave birth at 19 years old is the dominant reason for her frown here.

Thresher_XG 8 32 24

is your sister a slut?

Datastream 3 8 5

Can't say I don't agree with grandma. Your sister is going to be a young single mom soon.

rnumbers123 4 6 2

White and Italian

_Volta 6 14 8

Congrats dude! Being an uncle is the shit! Spoil and love the hell out of that child.

mrbaryonyx 4 9 5

Not racist, but if my granddaughter had a kid at 19 years old I'd be pretty pissed too.

4LostSoulsinaBowl 2 3 1

Man, Stephen King looks pissed.

kingrick 2 4 2

that's an old baby

hdnsmbt 2 4 2

I don't know, she doesn't look like 19 to me at all...

da_sechzga 2 4 2

She looks old for 19. Shes not taking meth or anything is she? :(

TrueMask 2 4 2

So...single mom?

Shat_my_trousers 2 3 1

Your sister just became a statistic.

contcont 2 5 3

Because mixing gene pools beyond the point of no return will result in diversity.

fuckinAricky92 1 5 4

Future single mother

Richiesaurus310 1 9 8

Maybe she's pissed because a 19 year old is having a kid, and not because the baby is mixed?

Mupster 2 3 1

I agree, completely. The 19 thing is, by far, the worst part, regardless of racial beliefs. I am a white male born and raised in Texas with a Venezuelan wife, and my grandparents love her. We also aren't pregnant teenagers, who, I'm assuming, still don't know what they want to be when they grow up.

WhereDidMyGoatGo 3 8 5

Where's the father?!


Oh nevermind.

ArchiCooper 1 6 5

Baby at 19.
Once you go black ..... ..... You're a single mother.