This little girl climbed into a Ft. Lauderdale claw machine today & passed out free stuffed toys to patrons unknown to arcade workers. The arcade was full of patrons who seemed to have great luck at the machine today, LoL...

Palmbchgirl (EST)
This little girl climbed into a Ft. Lauderdale claw machine today & passed out free stuffed toys to patrons unknown to arcade workers. The arcade was full of patrons who seemed to have great luck at the machine today, LoL...


TheLeroyJenkins 20 24 4

You saved our lives! We are eternally greatful!

KHDTX13 57 69 12

That claw has taken millions dollars from good people. That little girl is justifying all the wrong that claw committed.

Creed490 20 22 2

You play long enough, you never change the odds, and, eventually, the house takes you. Unless, at the right time, you bet big, then you take the house.

RudyBagels 12 12 0

You been practicing that speech?

crenom 13 14 1

Little bit. Did I rush it? Felt I rushed it

loonylolz 1 1 0

You did awesome, just don't stutter next time.

neo_geo_91 1 1 0

I'd like to put my house on mortgage plan, there us this claw machine I keep losing money at, and I know I'm close to winning. I promise if I win I'll pay you guys back.

ShabbyAssets 77 98 21

I feel like I would have the urge to block the exit, put in a dollar, and start attacking her with the claw... but that's just me.

wiljones 7 8 1

Pretty sure that little girl cant beat that claw in a fight.

Smashbutt 13 14 1

I could easily win that little girl. She is the high compared to the other toys and her head fits the claw perfectly. You think the engineers of this game would make it harder.

load_more_comets 8 10 2

Slow down there Gary Glitter.

diglettz 8 11 3

"Hi, yes, I'd like a large Snoopy, and a panda bear on the side."

Palmbchgirl 6 8 2

People were actually asking this little girl for certain stuffed animals & she was pulling them out for them.

ChrisC1234 8 9 1

How the hell do these kids get in these machines? Aren't the doors designed to prevent you from reaching up inside the machine. So how do the kids actually get through the door into the chute?

mrpanafonic 4 5 1

... Kick in the door? Honestly I am asking the same question

Palmbchgirl 1 1 0

The opening at the bottom of these machines were larger than your typical machine since the animals in it are larger. She maneuvered herself right in...

knumbknuts 13 18 5

I like the cut of her jib.

clavedark 4 4 0

What's a jib?

knumbknuts 6 7 1

TIL. Thanks.

AVeryMadFish 1 1 0

It's a the front sail on a sail boat. Also you tighten it with a crank called a jib winch. So yea if anyone ever shouts at you to man the jib winch, you know what to do.

pepito420 1 1 0

she can be the grease man(little girl) in my next elaborate heist. Girl's got the right stuff.

MikeR0tch 3 3 0

Is there a rate per hour? If so I'll take two.


I like to believe at least one person played the clae machine while she was in there

greenlikethecolour 2 2 0

The only time I ever managed to get something out of one of these things was by accident, because it fell out of the claw on the edge of the bin. It tipped over and fell into the opening.

To this day, it's my favorite possession. i'mtwentyyearsoldbutwhatever

Skeeders 4 6 2

Was this at that mini adventure park with the one roller coaster, minigolf, go-kart, and arcade centre just south of ft. lauderdale? Forget the name of it....

EDIT: Just remembered, Boomers!

LaceyGucci 3 3 0

Boomers is still there? I had a birthday party there almost 20 years ago! I think it was Grande Prixe Race-O-Rama at that point, but I think they changed the name shortly after. Unless I'm mixing the two... either way, it was a while ago.

razzertto 1 1 0

Still there but the roller coaster doesn't function any more. They're trying to sell the wood.

Skeeders 1 1 0

OH NO!!! I rode that roller coaster once back in 08 or 09, it wasn't that smooth a coaster, so now that I think of it, I don't have a real attachment to it other than being nice to see from 95...

razzertto 3 3 0

It's a wooden coaster, it's not supposed to be smooth. It's supposed to shake your teeth out of your head and make you feel like it's going to collapse at any moment or feel like maybe you might fly off because it's not like you're strapped in you've just got this flimsy metal bar across your lap and the guy who runs this is in high school and is probably thinking about banging his girlfriend instead of your safety, and it did that well.

Rudy69 3 4 1

Modern day Robin Hood!

Skeeboop1 2 4 2

I dont know how to say this nicely but.....that girl is going to be really attractive when she grows up.

BRsteve 1 1 0

But...if they all win, what will obnoxious little kids scream about while their parents sigh with defeat?

fjacobs1000 1 1 0

So this is a thing now?

cajunbander 1 1 0


RjsProperty 1 1 0

Why is there Red Sox stuff in a machine in FL?

GratefullyMe 0 1 1

After working in an arcade, that kid and their parents would get banned from the establishment. Not only is this extremely dangerous (the kid could be chocked/decapitated by the safety mech that most these machines have to prevent this kind of thing), but it's stealing, and those toys aren't free!!

mandyheretic 1 1 0

Catwoman, the early years.

ShortchangeParamecia 1 1 0

The arcade was full of patrons who seemed to have great luck at the machine today, League of Legends...

Didjewno 1 1 0

Did you know most lipstick contains fish scales. ?

HandsomeSquidward59 2 5 3

She's the hero we need and deserve

omnilynx 1 3 2

League of Legends?

blueseaver 0 6 6

No one wonders why her parents didn't stop petty theft? Wow, guys get it together. You would be angry if you ran a small business and were stolen from, even if it was by a little girl.

littleant2 1 2 1

So many times, drunk or sober, I have tried to get stuff out of that damn thing with no avail. Especially, there was one time when a cute girl challenged me for her phone number in return of getting a stuffed animal - which I failed miserably. Having said that, I believe this girl is the new robin-hood girl!

FillsAMuchNeededGap 1 5 4

That girl is a hero

wnose 0 4 4

The little girl is FIGHTING the MAN

Frankenkristin 1 4 3

This is super rad.

allstarpc -1 1 2

Lol adorable theft, trespassing and child negligence.