Great holiday pic

bathtowell (EST)
Great holiday pic


test172 416 558 142

I hate it when I try to take a pic that looks like I'm taking a dump and it comes out like my cock is showing.

IAMZWANEE 124 164 40

He has that "I just shit my pants and am now trying not to touch it" type of pose

Manzaroon 44 61 17

"Every time we touch, I get this feeling"

prepetual_change 39 56 17

And everytime I shit, I swear I can fly

Mufwrath 28 38 10

Can't you feel my bowels move fast, I want this to last

A7X4REVer 25 28 3

I need toilet paper by my side

Get_Kited 20 23 3

I need TP nearby


diffymanglehop 19 24 5
uptwolait 7 7 0

Looks like he's pooping a penis.

Chapped_Assets 10 12 2

I hate it when I try to take a pic with my cock showing and it comes out looking like I'm taking a dump.

lillyhammer 6 11 5

Especially when you're female!

thenameissaha 531 649 118

Reminds me of this one

I posted it a while ago.

the_real_woody 206 247 41

Holy shit balls are way funnier

FarmerTedd 34 47 13

Holy shit balls! Always funnier?

prepetual_change 14 22 8

That's balls deep

superpencil121 50 70 20

What am I looking at? I can't figure out what they actually are

Mouse3 57 77 20

It's the lady's leg that's crouched behind him.

maxreverb 19 20 1

How the fuck did her knee get way over there??

Turakamu 4 6 2

Flexibility. If you glance at it, it looks like her arm is going up that kid's shirt. Also, those aren't her knees. You can see her left foot. I... don't want to know what that thing is.

I've stared at this family for too long.

qqqsimmons 20 26 6

Some little person is hanging his bare ass below the old man's chair.

eyesoreM 3 5 2

I feel like the pseudo balls in this pic have blinded everyone to the real gold here... The derpy lady at the extreme left.

Darondo 47 67 20


irawwwr 8 8 0

Giant balls

DilbusMcD 9 12 3

The mega-scrote

dominodan123 18 26 8

That lady between him and the lady of similar age to him is crouching like so:

OppositeImage 36 41 5

I hate it when I scootch down and a ridiculously attractive black dude shows up. Every fucking weekend.

clover44mag 5 5 0


Horatio_sanchez 6 9 3

It's a knee and a leg of the woman crouching. You can see it attached to a shoe.

itpm 27 30 3

Reminds me of this poor guy.

vertlegs 13 15 2


Forcedwits 4 4 0

Is that the guy who didn't want to do the surgery to fix his shit because he was worried he wouldn't get attention?

hkimkmz 4 5 1

Thought it had to do with the crazy hospital bills if he were to go into surgery

Forcedwits 4 4 0

I remember seeing a doc about him, and someone offered to pay for it all, but he still refused.

itpm 3 4 1

Not sure, but if he actually thought that way, he's a complete idiot.

tvvt 3 5 2

Yeah but his balls are still bigger than yours

RobAgreez 25 25 0
eddonaldson 89 125 36
Wander-7 97 126 29
SlightlyStable 220 285 65

Talk about having a foot in your ass.

cacabean 78 93 15

What if he's just part of her shoe? A very elaborate shoe.

Cardozos 82 112 30

He's hung like a foot!

alreadytakenusername 12 17 5

...or dropping a load based on his awkward posture.

RedditFunnyHK29298 4 6 2

You know what they say about a guy with a big foot.

HugeDwarf 6 8 2

He wears large socks?

fUCKzAr 7 8 1

They be sayin, damn you got some big feet!

ThisGermanGuy 42 55 13
vertlegs 19 24 5

I looked way too long for another hidden dick. I think I'm gay now...

are_you_sure_ 3 4 1

now that I think about it, why is he standing in that position? that's how you stand in a pool not pose with a group

mastegas 2 3 1

You are a good soul.

whatsthematter 20 26 6

If you disregard the footdick, that's still a hilarious pose.

nater_tots 95 134 39

Damn. That things gotta be at least a foot long.

Robinisthemother 20 29 9

I, too, read the Imgur comments.

nater_tots 9 12 3

I didn't read the imgur comments. Damn. For a second there, I thought I was pretty clever.

licencevlease 54 74 20

What the fuck??

Where did he get the blue bracelet from? Everyone else only has green!

Unkuhl 27 33 6

He's either not 18 or the only one who is 18

zeroblahz 13 17 4

They all look over 18 so i'd guess hes 18

Rusty5hackleford 19 25 6

If this was America, it would be either he's over 18 but not 21, or he's over 21. And the others are the opposite.

rcm21 5 8 3

Why would they give a bracelet to only the people under 21? Then you could just take your bracelet off and buy drinks.

Rusty5hackleford 14 19 5

Specific bracelet for those under 21, specific bracelet for those over 21, the bracelets specified that you paid the entry fee.

Before you say "well can't they just switch bracelets and take turns drinking!" Yes, they can try that. But if you get caught with a drink in your hand and you have an under 21 bracelet, you get kicked out.

Edit: That's how it would work, but since he has both bracelets, I would guess he just went to two different clubs or maybe one is a VIP bracelet or something he bought when he was inside. It could be a ton of stuff.

rcm21 4 4 0

If everyone has a green bracelet, it would make sense to only give a blue bracelet to those OVER 21. But it wouldn't make sense to only give a blue bracelet to those UNDER 21. Then you could just remove the bracelet and now magically you look over 21.

Rusty5hackleford 1 4 3

I think you posted that RIGHT after I made my edit. The whole idea that the give over 21 people two bracelets is stupid when you actually think about it. He probably just went to another club/part of that club.

rcm21 3 3 0

Yeah, from the places I've been, you generally get a stamp if you're 18+ and a stamp+bracelet if you're 21+.

Fizzay 4 7 3

Everyone is over 18 to me when they have a bag over their head ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

blackchern 4 5 1

he's not 18, I went to high school with him. He's 22

Unkuhl 1 1 0

How old is this photo? He could have been under 21 at the time. Depends whether he lives in the usa or in europe

blackchern 3 3 0

he posted it on facebook 3 days ago haha

tommyboy93 10 10 0

Pretty sure the blue bracelet i just one of those rubber ones for charity or have some saying on it

Mapex_proM 4 4 0

The blue is just a wrist band. The other is an entry band.

RscMrF 2 2 0

You can even see the rest of their hands...

blakerose 19 23 4

WOW I went to high school with this guy

zombieviper 20 26 6

Everybody went to highschool with this guy.

blakerose 9 12 3

No but I actually did. I could tell you his name but I'm sure that would be some sort of violation

JM2845 19 21 2


blakerose 18 20 2

Wait.... JM?

JM2845 17 17 0

Small world!

philkensebben18-1 4 5 1


itpm 2 2 0

Yep, he definitely had a foot hanging out of his anus at all times.

RandyCartman 3 3 0

Haha, and I went to high school with one of the girls in the photo.

Iamcanadian1991 1 1 0

Not sure if I am the girl in the photo you are referring to? Lol I'm the blonde in front - WDHS?

blackchern 2 2 0

yah i actually also went to high school with him.

bigpenisdragonslayer 1 1 0

And I went to university with a couple of them...weird

Weckp17 10 12 2

Why is he standing like that?

NoodleNoogie 6 6 0

As a tall person, probably so he's on the same level.

RandyCartman 10 11 1

Yup, went to highschool with one of the girls. I thought this photo looked familiar/had seen it on facebook.

Duke--Nukem 4 4 0

Is he pooping a foot?

SeinfeldsVandalay69 12 20 8

It's actually his penis wearing a shoe.


Duke--Nukem 3 4 1

I laughed

esoteric_enigma 4 4 0

Look at that thing! It's as big as a full grown woman's foot!

anti_zero 7 10 3

Would someone please do a faceswap? Its been too long.

theleong 14 33 19
LiveFree_Or_FapHard 20 22 2

It's like you didn't even try for the ones on the back left yet I can't stop laughing.

theleong 7 7 0

Yeah you can almost tell the order I did them in by how bad they look. Oops!

Egzo 21 38 17

It seems posed to me.. Mostly just how unnatural the middle guys position is and how centralized he is in the photo...

Random_Object 61 70 9

I humbly disagree. Here is how I see it. Middle Guy is just too damn tall and the photographer was like, hey MG squat the fuck down you tall fuck, you're ruining the fucking shot, and so he does. And now I know what you're saying, but he looks awkward in an almost phony way! Well, shut your fucking mouth. It is clear to me that this man is currently in a terrible situation. To his right is Perpetually Single Fat Friend who has always loved MG and has always relentlessly pursued him in a series of progressively more embarrassing acts that were from their first to their last wholly ineffectual and, indeed, counter-productive to PSFF's desires. To his left is Stuck Up Hoity Toity Superior Bitch who is also pursuing MG, and while MG has always deflected her advances (because MG ain't no fool, he knows the misery that lies in the darkness beyond the event horizon of a relationship with SUHTSB) she feels so vastly superior in every single way to PSFF that she must herself win MG as to vindicate every teary eyed, wine soaked argument she's had with her own self loathing and dissatisfaction in life.

This is a photo of desperation and despair juxtaposed across a chasm of our very humanity.

Sethsquatch509 6 6 0


Iamcanadian1991 5 5 0

"SUHTSB" here - interesting albeit inaccurate analysis. Also, gave me a good laugh, even though being a "stuck up hoity toity superior bitch" is never something I have aspired to.

jaredpls 3 3 0

I did use the word albeit.

Iamcanadian1991 4 4 0

touche sir, touche

jaredpls 3 3 0

We got some people from the pic in this very thread, we can find out! We can know what really went down that lead to the footdick photo incident.

Iamcanadian1991 4 4 0

background: it was like 2am and we were all drunk so photo taking logic sort of went out the window. wanted a group pic, the people in the back were already sitting on the wall so the three of us just jumped in front. guy in the middle is 6'3 so he crouched down so he wouldnt cover girls in the back... this was the result

low_kix 9 11 2

Aw crap it's not funny now!

B0BtheDestroyer 2 3 1

Next thing you know someone will tell me that giving people bunny ears in pictures happens on purpose!

Rootkit9208 3 3 0

Something is afoot here...

TAU_equals_2PI 2 2 0

He squats down so she can be in the picture, and this is how she repays him.

famoustran 2 2 0

lol, looks like the guy in the red shirt wants to whip his out too.

cunty_mc_shitballs 2 2 0

...then i chundered everywhere

JaxenGrey 2 2 0

That man has a very small face.

Tom-Seven 2 2 0

Rule Of Thumb: In any photo, just don't stand like you're taking a shit.

giveitago 2 2 0

Ever heard of cameltoe? Welcome to goat hoof.

haikume 2 2 0

Strange shape and color
I'm queasy just seeing it
Please see a doctor

GympieGympie 5 6 1

Take the foot-penis out of the equation, and this is still just a terribly awkward picture...

Gunner3210 4 5 1

I was searching for the black guy.

mrflaco75 3 5 2
CheesyRomanceNovel 3 5 2

To be honest, I wondered why this didn't have a "NSFW" label.

I'm also high.

Splarnst 1 5 4

What holiday is this? I don't see a single clue.

Spitta 0 14 14

her foot looks like his dong.

Grannymede 6 9 3

I think that was the joke.

Doc-in-a-box 6 6 0

I envisioned thousands of redditors looking intently at the pic, wondering what about it is worthy of /r/funny, coming to the comments, reading this one, then bursting out in laughter while striking themselves on the forehead.

LiberalPenguin 3 3 0

I slapped my self on the knee whilst blowing out my nose pretty hard.

TrindadeDisciple 1 1 0

What's funny is that I didn't even catch that at first. Instead, I thought it looked like the guy on the right had his in his hand.

hurdur1 1 1 0

Looks like he's pooping. How appropriate.

FenixWahey 1 1 0

Definitely a hit with the ladies.

Jgura214 1 1 0

Keepin' it in the family

DenverITGuy 1 1 0

Guy on the right wants to whip out the real thing.

judicatee 1 1 0

Ill remember this picture next time I contemplate squatting in a group picture. Unless of course that group is one of toilets.

cacabean 1 1 0

I wonder what the other two guys are looking at.

evioive 2 2 0

This leaning business in pictures is getting out of control. It is getting out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

Jaxson_Boneparte 2 2 0

Awesome reference. One of my favorite movies of all time

OriginalJam 1 1 0

The guy on the right doesn't seem the least bit interested. What is that man looking at?

suckonmynine 1 1 0

Guy on the right could care less.

TheHoochIsCrazy 1 1 0

Guy on the left, not right. It is the left.

Trashism 1 1 0

I dont understand what im looking at, is he giving anal birth to a horse?

jbaum303 1 1 0

This is Club Med, Cancun

thanksfortheyear 1 1 0

WOW i went to junior high with this guy

DigitalisFX 1 1 0

Girth Vader

Imadurr 1 1 0

So big it needs its own shoe.

_Raziel 1 1 0

rock out with cock out

d33tz 1 1 0


Outlaw_Jose_Cuervo 1 1 0

Photo donged

roxvox 1 1 0

This is why photoshop was invented, that should take about 4 clicks if you know what you're doing.

If this is actually a pic of you, let me know and I'll fix it for you.

Deezle530 1 1 0

That raised eyebrow is killing me,"hey hey ladies, you should see it when I pull forward"

Nolanoscopy 1 1 0

But probably though

_wordsmiff 1 1 0

I assume by 'holiday', you mean Mother's day.

Ah-thank you

FogSeeFrank 1 1 0


BertTheBrain 0 1 1

Dude is standing like a stick has been shoved up his ass.

Didjewno 2 2 0

Did you know an inch (2.5 centimeters) of rain is equivalent to 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) of dry, powdery snow?

JZ_212 1 1 0


Bluedayborn 1 1 0

He kinda reminds me of Alex, the lion from Madascar, no?

krackbaby 1 1 0

He's hung like a woman's shoe

laiyibeipijiu 1 1 0

I swear everyone in that picture looks exactly like someone I went to high school with

dungrapid4 1 1 0

The dude stands like i do when pooping.

jgs1122 1 1 0

I can see why he is so popular.

bring_da_bacon 1 1 0

Is that Jamie Kennedy?

LordoftheBrood 1 1 0

That's the girls foot/tan shoe behind him.

Whisper38 1 1 0

Why don't u try that shoe on for size

abc123shutthefuckup 1 1 0

He looks like he came straight out of a Dreamworks movie

ZapoiBoi 1 1 0

The guy on the left looks like a Picasso painting.

erikscarm 1 1 0

Talk about a foot long

Tom_Robinson 0 1 1
beebler 1 1 0

lol, two wristbands!

LuigiBrick 1 1 0

I remember a picture a friend shared. I'm not sure of it was him or something he found. It was a picture of a foot with a spot on it up to the camera. With the way it was positioned, you could see the leg, leading up to boxers, with a boner inside. The caption was: "Is my Verruca bad?"

Frank_NL 1 1 0

Hahaha, the guy in the red polo was looking to the wrong direction!!

DrSeafood 1 1 0

WHAT the fuck ... The guy in the top left (in the purple shirt) is my roommate. I'm doubly sure because I recognize his girlfriend next to him.

LuigiBrick 1 1 0

Oh god that expression. It's 1 in the morning here so I have to burst out laughing into the pillows. Still nearly woke everyone up though.

TheycallmeHollow 1 1 0

It's always fun guessing who is with who. At first I thought the girl in the grey was left out until I realized she is with the girl in the red, and its the guy in the red scoping for some booty.

Aepyceros02 1 1 0
Bigperm78210 1 1 0

There's a whole lot of friend zone going on here

Noviomega 1 1 0

He's got that girth

sabonator1 1 1 0

Was anyone else looking for the black guy?

thuer 2 2 0

Fun fact: the danish word pik (pronounced like pic) means Cock.

blakerose 1 1 0


toresbe 1 1 0
lexgrub 2 2 0

This was staged. I just can't believe someone would be standing like that. That the person taking the photo wouldn't notice and that they would all be smiling so genuinely if it weren't.

danetrain05 1 1 0

Hey blondie, how you doin?

eyesoreM 2 2 0

Ha, John Footpenis.


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