Fuck everything

rockinghard (EST)
Fuck everything


omgimonfire 37 45 8

Seriously, this is the worst post I have ever actually seen on this subreddit.

I actually feel terrible about this.

I'm so sorry man.

encrypted_genitals -29 10 39

What if I told you
it's fake

gtaguy12345 16 17 1

What if I told you

shut the fuck up nobody asked you anything

Akiba89 2 2 0

But he's got to ruin our fun, lest we be happy. God forbid.

Seriously I hate people like that, just let me laugh, you shit.

gilbertsmith 22 25 3

You need round doorknobs. Do you want raptors? Because this is how you get raptors.

AmethystLullaby 8 8 0

My kitty cat will open the door because we have these types of handles. She's not even graceful about it; she throws her whole body at it until gravity and jiggling it unlatches the door.

DeskFlyer 4 4 0

You bred raptors?

mortiphago 2 2 0

I prefer bread raptors

Danevati 20 24 4

Imagine being a diabetic and have the tube get stuck on that and get pulled off. It hurts so fucking much.

Nizica 7 7 0

Shit like this happens to me all the time. Luckily this has never resulted in my site being ripped out but my tubing usually gets really stretched.

GrethSC 6 7 1

Can you specify exactly where 'the site' is located so I can isolate the imaginary pain that is currently surging through my abdomen.

AmethystLullaby 3 3 0

Usually injection sites are located on either upper arm, stomach (where the pudginess is), thigh, or buttocks.

Source: My little sister is a Type 1 diabetic and uses an insulin pump.

GrethSC 4 4 0

Good. Imaginary crippling pain has been allocated to those areas.

Dear. Fucking. God. Kill. Me.

DaGeek247 2 2 0

Yeah, I need a better picture of this, because all I'm imagining is how my brother told me of his surgical tube that was pulled out from under the skin around his stomach, like side to side, being pulled out.

wildcat83 7 9 2

This absolutely sucks. I hate this.

thathippieguy 8 9 1

It's especially shit when you've got somewhat of a pace going while you're walking.

arrjayjee 4 4 0

This happened to me but with shoe laces and those boingy things on the bottom of doors. I have never tripped around a corner before or since, nor cursed at an inanimate object so much in my life.

DeFex 1 1 0

My cat used to sproing the boingy thing for my bedroom door at 6am when he thinks its time for me to get up for breakfast. I eventually trained him not to.

Oldpenguinhunter 4 4 0

This is the point where I find myself muttering to myself: "the odds, the fucking odds... Really? I mean, come. the. fuck. on."

This is also applies to when you're rolling a hose up or out, same with extension cords. Drilling/cutting and wearing all of your safety gear (hood, gloves, glasses, hard hat, etc...) and that one bouncy fucking piece of shit bit of material finds its way by sling-shotting the gravitational pull around your head and lodges itself with the velocity of the space shuttle entering the atmosphere right into your cornea.

Fuck, that isn't mildly infuriating- that's the stuff that makes my head implode.

yanktoast 1 1 0

Or hits you square in the nuts. That's always fun.

RhymeGrime 2 2 0

And that's why we have round door knobs in my house

hawken50 1 1 0

God I though I was the only one that happens to.

Casino719 1 1 0

Happened to me day one of a new job, in a brand new building, in a brand new suit. The door jams were like fucking sharpened knives. It happened to 2 other people that day too. They ended up duct taping all of the door jams then had to pay a guy to dull the edges.

BenMackavi 1 1 0

This happens to me a lot including on stair rails.

RottMaster 1 1 0

Nice pic from r/tall

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KonaKaiKing 1 1 0

I hate that! Damn pockets, belt loops and headphones.

VeneratedPoison 1 1 0

I feel your grrrr. I've a couple of robes with flared sleeves, once one caught on the door knob as I was carrying a big glass of soda. Soda and ice everywhere.

DJSambob 1 1 0

I would say this is more than mildly infuriating… this happened to me the other day as I was letting my father through the door, fuckin hurt and I looked like an absolute idiot

RealPlaki 1 1 0

It took me a while to realise what this was.

dunehole 2 4 2

Look at the bright side, now you have easier access.

ThatsGoldJerry_Gold 4 6 2

Exactly, he now has an awkward custom pee flap.

dunehole 4 4 0

I like to think of it as an awkward custom access flap for the ladies, or dudes if he's into dudes.

ThatsGoldJerry_Gold 2 2 0

You're right. The awkward access of the flap takes the awkwardness away from the actual situation. The door handle did what needed to be done.

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